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Medigap Disability Gap in Medigap for those under 65!

Many younger people under 65 who have disabilities qualify for Medicare but don’t qualify for Medigap because of a provision in the Federal law.

Those under 65 qualifying for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) requires they wait 24 months before Medicare coverage starts. This causes younger beneficiaries who have disabilities to have a poor self-reported health status as opposed to those over 65. This is in conjunction with higher insurance rates of cognitive impairments, functional limitations, as well as lower incomes.

Half of these incomes are lower than $17,000 and less. This causes problems in getting the proper medical care needed even with Medicare simply because they cannot afford it. Some of this is due to the fact they are not eligible for Medigap which would help greatly in covering the out of pocket expenses. Beneficiaries under 65 with Medigap account for about 2% of those who are over 65 which is about 17%. Even more have no supplemental coverage at all. 21% under 65 verses 12% over 65 years of age.

31 different states have required insurers in their states to go beyond federal minimum standards requiring them to have at least one kind of Medigap policy they can provide to beneficiaries under the age of 65. DC and 19 other states have yet to do this.


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