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Medigap Policies follow standardized Federal and state laws

Federal and state laws for Medigap policy by design are created to protect you. Every Medigap policy has to clearly be identifies as (Medicare Supplement Insurance). You can only be sold a “standardized policy” by insurance companies identified by letters in most states.

Basic benefits on all policies are the same and some may offer additional benefits. This way you can choose the policy that best fits your special needs.

Medigap policies are standardized differently in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Wisconsin.

Insurance companies can decide on what Medigap policies it wishes to sell, though state laws could have an effect as to which ones they offer. Insurance companies selling Medigap policies:

  • Has to offer all Medigap plans available.
  • To offer any Medigap policy an insurance company has to offer Medigap Plan A
  • Has to offer Plan C as well as Plan F in order offer any plan

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