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A Medigap Policy is Standardized:

health_insuranceThere are federal and state laws that are designed to protect you which every Medigap policy is required to follow. The policy is required to be identified as a Medicare Supplement Insurance in a clear manner. Insurance companies may only sell you a “standardized” policy which is identified by letters in most states.

All the policies will offer the same basic standardized benefits though there may be additional benefits offered and you can choose what fits your personal needs.

Medigap is standardized in a different way for Massachusetts, Minnesota, as well as Wisconsin.

Each individual insurance company will decide which Medigap policies it wishes to sell though some state laws might affect which policies they offer.

Insurance companies selling Medigap policies:

  • Are not required to offer every type of Medigap plan.
  • If offering any of the Medigap plans, “they must offer plan A”
  • Plan C and or Plan F must also be offered if when offering any plan.


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