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Merging of Aetna and Humana defended pending transaction!

If you are a current member of Aetna or Humana and may have questions regarding what impact this acquisition may have on you. You can call your customer service number that is located on your ID card to find out more.

The goal is to give the consumers as numerous healthy days it possible can. Bringing their combined technology, services and combined solutions as one to offer the consumer a simpler and higher quality product; delivering a health care experience at a more affordable price.

What are the benefits to you?

The combing of these 2 insurance companies, Aetna and Humana will allow them to offer a wider range of choices for their products as well as accessing affordable higher quality care. In return this will bring an overall experience that is better in more locations around the country.

  • Over several years, Aetna has pursued a mission to help build a healthier world. Creating a healthcare system by reshaping it so it’s consumer centric in order to give members the maximum heathy days possible. In Humana, Aetna found its ideal partner that complements as well as accelerating their efforts.
  • Combining these companies will build on each of the companies’ combined efforts providing innovative services and solutions that are technologically driven in this highly competitive environment and at the same time deliver an overall healthcare experience that overall will be much better.
  • Both of these companies see this giving beneficiaries a greater insight to their health information while staying connected with their doctor and health plans to be key being healthier in the short term as well as long term.

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